High Frequency Facial Device

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High frequency, also known as the Tesla high-frequency current, was first developed in the late 1800s by renowned scientist Nikola Tesla. Due to the fact that high-frequency kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, it was mostly used for medicinal purposes. Today this electrical treatment is common among face procedures in professional beauty salons but with our facial device, you can also implement it into your skin routine at home

How does it work?

It uses a small electrical current to oxygenate the skin, effectively killing acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Why do we love it?
  •  - Super effective in fighting acne-causing bacteria around your face and body due to its antibacterial effects
  • - Oxygenates the skin, increases circulation and calms inflammation
  • - Unclogs the skin pores allowing more effective diffusion of oxygen of nutritions of skincare products  
  • - Helps in healing the damaged skin faster
  • - Reduces the overall inflammation and redness
  1. - Suitable for all skin types! 

price : $ 59.00

What`s included in our High Frequency Set? 

We provide you with four separate tubes to treat specific skin problems.
1. The "mushroom" is suitable for larger areas of the face and body including the cheeks, forehead, chest and neck. 
2. The "spoon" electrode works great for the under-eye area to ease puffiness.
3. The "pointy" head is the strongest one and it`s used to target only deeper cystic pimples.
4. The comb tube is a great bonus to the set! Use it to massage your scalp and stimulate healthy hair growth.